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Best practices for keeping track of outstanding receivables

The dangers of poor management of outstanding receivables? Increased outstanding and Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) cash flow difficulties and loss ...

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3 reasons to digitize your collection process

The Covid-19 crisis has caused payment delays to skyrocket, and SMEs are the most affected. In 2020, the barometer of ...

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Customer risk management: 5 key points

Customer risk management is a major challenge for any company: avoiding unpaid invoices and reducing payment delays are key factors ...

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Customer-friendly invoice collection: a dilemma?

One in three business-to-business invoices is paid late. 10% even exceed the payment term by more than 90 days. This ...

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Optimize your receivables: a direct impact on your working capital requirements

At first glance, working capital requirement (WCR) seems like a rather abstract concept. But it's easy to understand: to run ...

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Bring financial intelligence to your collection process

Debt collection entails the ways and means used by the company to get its customers to pay their invoices. Collecting ...

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