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Everything you always wanted to know about Clearnox

Invoicing is good, collecting is better!

With Clearnox you can reduce your late payments: follow up, dun and get your invoices paid easier and faster.

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Follow-up, reminder and payment of invoices

Be more efficient in the follow-up of your customers and reduce your customer payment delays

Decrease late payments

Reduce your late payments by reminding all your customers

Optimize outstanding receivables

Systematically relaunch all of your outstanding receivables with adapted relaunch scenarios

Prevent disputes

Reduce your customer disputes by better anticipation of upcoming deadlines

Collect and reduce unpaid invoices

Reduce your unpaid customers through regular monitoring and preventive actions

Avoid factoring

Avoid systematically resorting to factoring thanks to a proactive and healthy management of your activity by favouring your self-financing

DSO: Everything you need to know about cashflow and working capital requirements

Working capital requirements (WCR) is a financial indicator that can sometimes be difficult to understand. Yet calculating a company’s WCR is relatively simple – and knowing what it is can be very useful. Closely linked to cash in hand, being aware your WCR enables you to plan for the company’s financial health and hence take action where necessary.

Clearnox in 5 steps

Reduce your late payments with Clearnox: follow up, dun and get your invoices paid easier and faster!

Talk to a business expert

Schedule a meeting to discuss your business, customer types, and communication needs and see how Clearnox can help you solve the following problems:

  • Late payments from your customers.
  • Lack of payment from customers if they are not dunned.
  • Accumulation of manual tasks to dun customers.
  • Being able to dun a customer without damaging the commercial relationship.

Synchronize Clearnox with your accounting software

Clearnox synchronizes automatically and very quickly with your accounting database on “customer receivables.”

Define dunning scenarios and communicate

You can easily define communication scenarios (warning / dunning / thank you) by type of customer and via different channels (email, simple and registered mail, fax, voice message, telephone call).
You can now send several hundred messages based on these scenarios, in a few minutes instead of several days.

Restez informé

Stay informed

Log on to to access a dashboard with a clear view of your receivables by customer type, alerts and your dunning history.
In addition, a collaborative reporting function enables management to keep daily abreast of the status of outstanding amounts, alert points, actions taken and to be taken, collection flow forecasts, etc.

Get paid faster

This standardized, regular and systematic communication generates much faster responses from your customers, who now pay you as a matter of priority. You will also be able to communicate about upcoming deadlines and focus on the most important or difficult customers. All these factors will mean that you will get paid faster than before.

Vous êtes payé plus rapidement


How do you create a virtuous circle of follow-up of and dunning for invoices in order to get paid on time and thus gain up to 30% in cash flow?

     • Visibility

     • Communication
     • Cooperation

Clearnox in video

Solve the problem of customer debt collection once and for all, preserve your cash flow and guarantee the means for your development with Clearnox.

Request a free demo

This free demo will enable you to discover the simplicity and efficiency of the Clearnox solution with its intuitive interface.