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Cash is the lifeblood
of any company.

Whatever business you are in, getting invoices paid on time is key to the financial health of your company.

Accounting firms

More and more accounting firms take up credit collection activities using Clearnox on behalf of their customers. This enables their customers to refocus resources while supporting their own bottom line.

Small and Medium Businesses

Customer risk management is a major challenge for any company: avoiding unpaid invoices and reducing payment delays using Clearnox, are key factors in guaranteeing good financial health and promoting growth.


Managing late payments: this is a daily concern for the wholesaler who has a large volume of invoices to manage. With limited margins, the wholesaler has to implement a cash culture among all its employees… with Clearnox, he optimizes visibility and collaboration!

Only 56% of companies have real-time visibility of outstanding invoices

Ilse De Caluwe, Partner

The accountancy firm Stemafisk is using more and more digital applications to automate its clients’ financial processes. For example, it is now also using Clearnox to track payments of outstanding invoices and send reminders and dunning letters automatically.

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